Making the Business Case

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What is a business case?

  • The drivers of business change
  • Relevance of business cases
  • Framework for constructing a business case

Understanding the audience

  • The concept of stakeholder analysis
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Stakeholder management strategies

Assessing feasibility

  • Aspects of feasibility – business, technical and financial elements
  • Using PESTLE analyses to assess feasibility
  • Force-field analysis

Defining the benefits

  • Tangible and intangible benefits
  • Immediate and longer-term benefits
  • Identifying and quantifying benefits
  • Presenting intangible benefits

Defining the costs

  • Tangible and intangible costs
  • Once-off and recurring costs
  • Identifying and quantifying costs
  • Dealing with intangible cost

Impacts and risks

  • Identifying non-cost impacts
  • Identifying and managing risks

Assessing the financial case

  • Payback calculations
  • Discounted cash-flow/net present value
  • Internal rate of return

Presenting the business case – report writing

  • Structure of the document
  • The management summary
  • Details and appendices
  • Appearance of the document

Presenting the business case – presentation skills

  • Principles of effective presentations
  • Structure of a presentation
  • Presentation techniques