Business Process Modelling with BPMN V2-0

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Introduction to Business Process Modelling

  • Developments in Business Process Change
  • How we think about business process design
  • What are the features of a business process?
  • Process levels and performance needs (Rummler & Brache)
  • Redesigning Business Processes
  • Redesign patterns
  • Workflow systems

BPMN 2.0 Models and notation for basic business modelling

  • What is BPMN 2.0?
  • BPMN notation levels and tool support
  • Process and collaboration models
  • BPMN notation
  • Collaboration Pools, participants and processes
  • Activities, tasks, sub-processes and sequence flows
  • Modelling end to end processes to task level
  • Instances and Token simulations
  • Specific Start, end and intermediate event types
  • Gateways
  • Swim lanes and indicating where automation fits

Course summary

  • Using BPMN 2.0 to assist with process management and improvement
  • Mapping BPMN 2.0 to other common modelling techniques such as Business and System Use Cases
  • Benefits of adopting BPMN tools