BCS Systems Modelling Techniques with UML

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  • BCS Business Analysis, BCS Solution Development and Architecture


  • 06/12/2021
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    За кого е курсът
    Business analysts, solution developers, project managers and anyone who needs a thorough practical understanding of the tools and techniques of UML (the Unified Modeling language). Systems Modelling Techniques is also a Specialist Practitioner module on the BCS (ISEB) International Diploma in Business Analysis.
    Програма на курса

    Systems modelling

    • The importance of modelling and modelling standards
    • Models of the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
    • Interaction of selected UML models

    Modelling functionality

    • Use cases diagrams
    • Actors and the system boundary
    • Modelling functional scope
    • Use case descriptions – structure and contents
    • Use case descriptions – defining the main and alternative flows
    • The <<include>> and <<extend>> constructs
    • Activity diagrams – notation
    • Using activity diagrams to model use case descriptions
    • Using activity diagrams to model processing

    Static data modelling

    • Objects and classes
    • Class diagrams and object diagrams
    • Representing classes – name, attributes and operations
    • Defining attributes – adornments
    • Abstraction and Encapsulation
    • Associations – structural, association and aggregation
    • Defining multiplicities
    • Generalisation and inheritance
    • Understanding polymorphism

    Dynamic modelling

    • Cross-referencing models with CRUD
    • State machine diagrams modelling object lifecycles
    • Realising use cases with interaction models
    • Sequence and communication diagrams
    • Interaction fragments, including opt, alt and loop
    • How interaction models populate class operations during design

    Modelling in context

    • Phases and workflows of the Unified Process
    • Models in the Unified Process
    • The bridge to design, software package selection and development

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