BCS Systems Design Techniques

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  • BCS Solution Development and Architecture


  • 27/09/2021
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    Business analysts, project managers, solution and systems developers and anyone who requires a practical understanding of the models and methods of systems design. Systems Design Techniques is also a Specialist Practitioner module on the BCS International Diploma in Solution Development.
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    • Objectives and constraints of design
    • The place of design in the systems development life cycle
    • Using the products of analysis to drive systems design
    • The work of the designer
    • The scope of design
    • Design methodologies
    • Architectural issues in design
    • Introduction to design patterns

    User interface (UI) design

    • Objectives of UI design
    • Design of input and output interfaces
    • Dialogue types
    • Usability and style guides
    • Prototyping the interface
    • Modelling the user interface

    Component-based design

    • Introduction to components & software architectures
    • Component design principles: cohesion, coupling, responsibility and reusability
    • Using analysis models (use case diagram and class diagram) to create a logical component architecture
    • Use case realisation with UML interaction diagrams
    • Defining component interfaces
    • Component engineering
    • MVC (Model, View, Controller), choreography and orchestration design patterns

    Logical data design (normalisation)

    • Notation and conventions of relational data analysis (normalisation)
    • Principles of progressive normalisation through first, second and third normal forms
    • Rationalising results from normalisation of multiple data sources
    • Building the normalised (Third Normal Form) data model
    • Defining the final logical data design using Entity-Relationship Diagrams

    Logical process design

    • Activity Diagrams (UML)
    • Structured English / pseudocode
    • Data Navigation Diagrams

    Physical design

    • Optimising the logical design
    • Principles of physical data design
    • Principles of physical process design
    • Design and architecture
    • Packaging the design for delivery using Deployment Diagrams (UML)

    System controls

    • Risk in systems development
    • Verification and validation of data
    • Object controls
    • Data controls & self-checking codes
    • Function and state controls
    • Visibility and encapsulation in object-oriented design (UML class diagrams)
    • Audit trails
    • Output controls
    • Clerical controls
    • Access controls, physical and logical security
    • Backup and recovery
    • Business continuity and disaster planning
    • Legal requirements of the designer

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