BCS Stakeholder Engagement

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  • 3 дни
  • Цена на курса 1100 лв. + ДДС. Цена на изпита remote proctoring 790 лв. + ДДС
  • BCS Business Analysis


  • 15/08/2022
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    За кого е курсът
    Business analysts, project managers, business change practitioners and anyone in business who needs to engage with and manage stakeholders. Stakeholder Engagement is also a People Skills module on the BCS (ISEB) Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis.
    Програма на курса

    Understanding stakeholders

    • Analysing stakeholders
    • Stakeholder planning
    • Stakeholder perspectives


    • The communication process
    • Barriers to communication
    • Active listening

    Working with stakeholder groups

    • Group development process
    • Learning styles

    Facilitated workshops – introduction

    • The benefits of facilitated workshops
    • Main workshop roles – facilitator, scribe, participants, sponsor
    • Stages of a workshop
    • Workshop preparation
    • Conduct of the workshop
    • Facilitation techniques
    • Adaptability in the workshop


    • Rapport defined
    • Making an impact
    • Building rapport
    • Body language

    Creative problem solving

    • A model for creative problem solving
    • Techniques for generating ideas
    • Rich pictures
    • Mind-maps
    • Fishbone diagrams
    • Stimulating creative thinking
    • Edward de Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’

    Managing expectations

    • Sources of expectations
    • Controllable expectation creators
    • Uncontrollable expectation creators
    • Process for managing expectations


    • Negotiating positions
    • Principled negotiation approach
    • The people problem
    • Principled negotiation stages – interests, options, criteria
    • Blocks to creative options in negotiation
    • Integrative and distributive negotiation

    Managing conflict

    • The difference between negotiation and conflict situations
    • Root causes of conflict – goals, judgements, values
    • Options for conflict resolution
    • Conflict resolution process
    • Handling conflict

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