BCS Modelling Business Processes

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  • BCS Business Analysis


  • 16/06/2021
  • 13/12/2021
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    За кого е курсът
    Business Analysts, project managers, business change managers and anyone who requires a practical understanding of hierarchical business process modelling. Modelling Business Processes is also a Specialist Practitioner module on the BCS (ISEB) International Diploma in Business Analysis.
    Програма на курса

    The organisational view

    • The business environment
    • Types of customer
    • Value chain analysis and value propositions

    Modelling business processes

    • ‘As is’ business process models
    • Business events and business rules
    • Timescales

    Analysing tasks

    • Identifying tasks
    • Documenting tasks
    • Defining steps in the task
    • Decisions and business rules

    Human aspects of performance

    • Support required
    • Standards
    • Skill requirements
    • Feedback and consequences

    Managing and measuring processes

    • Organisation vs. customer expectations
    • Customer value expectations
    • Departmental and process measures

    Process improvement and redesign

    • ‘To be’ business process models
    • Process problems:
      • Process disconnects
      • Handoffs and delays
      • Lack of IT support
    • Process redesign patterns
      • Re-engineering
      • Simplification
      • Value-added
      • Automation

    Implementation issues

    • Organisation design
    • People issues
    • Procedure design
    • Managing change

    IT support for business processes

    • Defining IT requirements from process models

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