BCS Foundation in Business Analysis

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  • BCS Business Analysis


  • 20/06/2022
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    За кого е курсът
    Junior business analysts or anyone interested in becoming a business analyst and who needs an understanding of the tools and techniques of business analysis. Foundation in Business Analysis is also a Specialist Foundation module on the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.
    Програма на курса

    Introduction to business analysis

    • The origins of business analysis
    • The development of business analysis
    • The scope of business analysis
    • The role and responsibilities of the business analyst

    The competencies of a business analyst

    • Personal, business and professional competencies
    • Competency development

    Business strategy analysis

    • The strategic context
    • Strategy development
    • Strategic analysis techniques
    • SWOT analysis
    • Executing strategy

    The Business Analysis Process Model

    • An approach to problem-solving
    • Stages of the business analysis process model
    • Techniques and activities for each stage

    Investigation techniques

    • Interviewing and workshops
    • Observation approaches
    • Scenarios and prototyping
    • Quantitative investigation techniques
    • Documenting the current situation

    Stakeholder analysis and management

    • Identifying and categorising stakeholders
    • Analysing stakeholders
    • Stakeholder management strategies
    • Stakeholder perspectives
    • Business activity models

    Modelling business processes

    • Functional and process views
    • The organisational view of business processes
    • Value propositions
    • As is business process models
    • Business events
    • Improving business processes
    • To be business process models

    Defining the solution

    • Gap analysis
    • Introduction to business architecture
    • Business architecture techniques

    Making a business and financial case

    • The business case in the project lifecycle
    • Identifying options
    • Assessing feasibility
    • Structure of a business case
    • Investment appraisal techniques

    Requirements engineering

    • Requirements engineering and the systems development lifecycle
    • The requirements engineering framework
    • Actors in requirements engineering
    • Requirements elicitation
    • Requirements analysis
    • Documenting requirements
    • Requirements validation
    • Managing requirements

    Modelling requirements

    • Modelling system functions
    • Modelling system data

    Delivering the requirements

    • Delivering the solution
    • Development lifecycles

    Delivering the business solution

    • BA role in the business change lifecycle
    • Design and Implementation
    • The SARAH model
    • Realisation of benefits

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