BCS Data Analysis

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  • 2 дни
  • Цена на курса 1000 лв. + ДДС. Цена на изпита remote proctoring 790 лв. + ДДС
  • BCS Business Analysis
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За кого е курсът
Business analysts, project managers and solution developers who require a practical approach to analysing and modelling data. Data Analysis is also an Analytical Skills module on the BCS (ISEB) Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis.
Програма на курса

Introduction to Business Information and Data – 3 hours

  • Initial concepts and terminology
    • Information versus data
    • Data analysis versus data analytics
  • Data modelling and data models
    • Conceptual, logical and physical data models
    • Static and dynamic views of data
  • Structured and unstructured data
  • The Data Lifecycle

Modelling Data Using Class Diagrams – 3.5 hours

  • Classifying elements of substance and their attributes
  • Classes and objects
  • Attributes
  • Associations and multiplicity
    • Types of relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many)
    • Resolving many-to-many relationships
    • Showing multiple roles
  • Aggregation and composition
  • Generalisation
  • Naming conventions
  • Class diagrams

Defining Data Requirements – 3.5 hours

  • Defining data
  • Metadata (structural, descriptive and statistical metadata)
  • Data definitions
  • Domain definitions
  • Relational data theory
    • Two-dimensional structures
    • Using keys to identify data (primary, foreign, concatenated, compound and hierarchic keys)
  • Normalisation
    • The normalisation process
    • Un-normalised form, first normal form, second normal form, third normal form
    • Relations
    • TNF (Third Normal Form) model
  • Aspects of data quality

Obtaining and Recording Data  – 1 hour

  • Identifying sources of data
  • Validating data models using a CRUD matrix
  • Data navigation paths and Data Navigation Diagrams

Analysis for Decision Making – 3 hours 

  • A process for data analytics
  • Sourcing datasets
    • Data lineage
  • Validating and cleansing datasets
    • Confirmation bias
    • Sampling
    • Outliers
    • Consistency
  • Dataset calculations
    • Counting
    • Totalling
    • Averaging (mean, median, mode)
    • Maximum and minimum
    • Probability
    • NULL values
  • Identifying meaningful relationships
    • Regression analysis
    • Correlation and causation
    • Time-series analysis and forecasting
  • Interpreting results

Protecting Data – 1 hours

  • The imperative for protecting data
  • CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability)
  • Data protection principles
  • Data ethics
    • Data ethics principles
  • Online data

Изпитът e Multiple choice questions  формат и е наличен в изпитните центрове на Pearson Vue и като Remote proctoring.  И в двата случая е необходимо да имате 26 верни отговора от 40 възможни, за да вземете изпита. Времетраенето е  90 минути + 23 минути добавено време за non-native English speakers.