BCS Benefits Planning and Realisation

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  • BCS Business Analysis


  • 06/06/2022
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    Business analysts, project managers, business change practitioners and anyone who is involved in managing and measuring business benefits. Benefits Planning and Realisation is also a Business module on the BCS (ISEB) Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis.
    Програма на курса

    The context for benefits management (10%)

    •  Issues with the relationship of IS/IT delivery to benefits
    •  Characteristics of a benefits management approach
    •  Value and the value proposition
    •  Value chains and value networks
      • External value chain analysis
      • Internal value chain analysis
      • Alternative value chain configurations

    The benefits management lifecycle (25%)

    •  The rationale for benefits management
    •  An overview of the benefits management process
      • Identifying and structuring benefits
      • Planning benefits realisation
      • Executing the benefits plan
      • Reviewing and evaluating the results
      • Establishing the potential for further benefits

    Identifying drivers, benefits and establishing a benefits

    dependency network (25%)

    • Why: Identifying business and organisational drivers
    • Establishing investment objectives
    • Linking business benefits to drivers
    • What: the business benefits
      • Benefit owners
      • Change owners
    • How: the benefits dependency network
      • Business changes
      • Enabling changes
      • IS/IT enablers

    Building the business case (15%)

    • The rationale of the business case
    • A structure for analysing and describing benefits
      • Observable benefits
      • Measurable benefits
      • Quantifiable benefits
      • Financial benefits
    • Quantifying the benefits & overcoming the measurable to quantifiable barrier
    • Financial benefits
      • Cost reductions
      • Revenue increases
    • Investment appraisal
      • Payback
      • Discounted cash flow/Net present value
      • Internal rate of return
    • Risk assessment
    • Completing the business case

    Stakeholder and change management (10%)

    • Assessing the feasibility of achieving the benefits
    • Stakeholder analysis and management techniques
      • Power and influence
      • Benefits and change
    • Completing the benefits plan
    • Change management strategies

    Implementing a benefits management approach (10%)

    • Rationale for introducing benefits management
    • Initiating and managing a benefits-driven project
    • Roles within benefits management
      • The project sponsor
      • The business project manager
      • The project management office
    • The benefits plan and the project plan
    • Benefits management workshops
    • Reviewing and evaluating results/benefits review meeting
    • Establishing potential for further benefits
    • Monitoring the benefits after implementation
      • embedding the benefits
      • disaggregating benefits
    • A maturity model for organisational benefits

    The future of benefits management (5%)

    • Benefits management and strategy
    • Future trends in IS/IT and the implications for benefits management

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