BCS Agile Business Analysis

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  • 3 дни
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  • BCS Business Analysis


  • 13/09/2021
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    За кого е курсът
    Business analysts and anyone who needs a thorough practical knowledge of the role business analysis can play in the success of Agile development projects. Agile Business Analysis is also a Analytical Skills module on the BCS (ISEB) Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis.
    Програма на курса

    The Agile Philosophy – 2.5 hours

    • The history of Agile and Agile Software Development
    • The Agile Manifesto
    • Agile components (principles, methods & techniques)
    • Agile in the business context
    • Lean Business Analysis Service, system and Lean thinking)

    Agile Principles – 2.5 hours 

    • Collaborative working
    • Self-organizing teams
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Iterative development/Incremental delivery
    • Plan for, and build in change

    Agile Methods – 2.5 hours

    • History of Agile Methods
    • Linear (defined) Vs Agile (empirical) methods
    • Evolution of Agile methods
    • Agile methods – DSDM, UP, SCRUM, XP, Lean Software
    • BA role in Agile

    Understanding Stakeholders – 2.5 hours

    • Stakeholder groups
    • Understanding the customer
    • Agile BA role in stakeholder engagement and management

    Agile Modelling – 4 hours 

    • Purpose and principles behind Agile Modelling
    • The hierarchy of models (business view to system component)
    • Prioritisation using MoSCoW
    • Decomposing and organizing business goals

    Agile Techniques – 4 hours

    • User stories and roles
    • Managing requirements with the solution backlog
    • Estimating story points
    • Managing the iterations (Planning, aligning, traceability, velocity)

    Agile BA Planning – 2 hours

    • BA role in agile projects
    • Storyboarding/scenarios/prototyping

    The Agile World View – 1 hour

    • Scaling agile.
    • Constraining factors.
    • The system of interest.

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